Thermoelectric generators for home, power pot, thermoelectric oven.

Thermoelectric generators for home, power pot, thermoelectric oven.

Seebeck effect for small power generation is used for a long time. Before the advent of solar cells, it was quite common way of obtaining at least some power. Many still remember the so-called «guerrilla» pot. With this pot could feed station. A pot of water was set on fire. Inside the pot bottom were installed thermocouple. Due to the heat flux from the fire to the water through a thermocouple user receives an electric current.
The modern analogue of «partisan» power pot.


It is widely used at the time, and kerosene lamps to the same effect.
Kerosene lamp with thermoelectric generator.


Another product of our development, designed for everyday life. It energopech electric furnace or generator. This thermoelectric generator mounted in the solid-fuel stove. It is intended for heating with natural circulation of the heat transfer fluid. Such a furnace can provide the consumer with electric power at the peak power to 2 kW (220 V) and 7.5 kW thermal energy.

Thermoelectric oven.

There is an option for gas fuel. We have developed the gas boiler with a thermoelectric power generation.
Scheme of the thermoelectric generator — heating gas boiler.


Maximal electical power — 2 kW

Long-term electical power — 150 W

Voltage — 12 V и  220 V

Thermal power — 5-7 kW

Heating — Liquid

Price  — no less  $800