Thermoelectric air conditioner for cabinet and kiosk STELCO-A.

Thermoelectric air conditioner for cabinet and kiosk STELCO-A.

Thermoelectric Air Conditioner has proven to be a reliable solution. Solid-State Air Conditioner STELCO-A is example of  high-capacity thermoelectric air conditioners for cabinets and kiosks. The thermoelectric assembly of air-to-air. Designed to maintain the desired temperature range inside the cabinet by means of electrical heating or cooling depending on ambient temperature. STELCO-A is produced in several versions for capacities and dimensions. Landing dimensions of the cabinet air conditioner made for the specific model of climatic cabinet.

BENEFITS OF CLIMATE THERMOELECTRIC thermal stabilization of enclosure

— Compactness;

— There is no refrigerant;

— There is no compressor, operating system kernel contains no moving parts, and thus increases the reliability of the device;

— There is no liquid, and therefore impossible to leak, leading to malfunction;

— Easier maintenance and higher maintainability;

— The system maintains its efficiency even with partial damage to its components.

The thermoelectric system STELCO-A combines high cooling capacity with low power consumption and price. This thermoelectric assembly is made of high-quality components -Best thermoelectric modules, high-performance, reliable and powerful fan cooling radiators. You can change the layout of a specific model of air conditioner cabinet to meet the size and dimensions of the landing.


Model STELCO-A 360 STELCO-A 550 STELCO-A 1100
Voltage, V 12, 24, 48 48 48
Rating DIN 3168: L35 L35, W 240 480 800
Maximal cooling power, W 360 550 1100
Dimensions, mm 430х280х225 430х280х225 860х280х225