Thermoelectric generator GTG-150, GTG-550, GTG-200, GTG-90

Thermoelectric generator GTG-150, GTG-550, GTG-200, GTG-90


A traditional variant of thermoelectric gas generator is made with direct cooling of thermoelectric modules with a ribbed metal radiator. Such construction is maximally simple and reliable.

In the generators TELGEN GTG heat rejection from thermoelectric modules is realized in aluminium radiators with developed surface with the help of natural air convection. Natural convection essentially levels up reliability of the generator because there is no need to install cooler fans. There are no moving parts in the generator TELGEN GTG.
Low-pressure main natural gas or propane is used as fuel for gas generators TELGEN GTG. Producing generators working on associated gas is also possible.
On standart models premix atmosphere gas burners are used. Such variant is most reliable, durable and simple to maintain. IR-burners are also possible for produce.
The generator TELGEN GTG can be delivered with a closed combustion chamber to provide necessary gas security. The constitution of gas automatics, installed on generators, is coordinated with a client.
There are two installation options of TELGEN GTG:
1. In a freestanding all-weather container. The containers are delivered with inbuilt generators. Connecting gaspipe of low pressure to the container is necessary for the istallation. Ventilation system and a chimney are included.

2. Installation in a subsidiary room.
For normal work of the thermoelectric generator in case of installation it in a subsidiary room a chimney and natural ventilation of the room are necessary. The generator will be connected with a low-pressure gas pipeline.

Cooling type aluminiums heat sinks

Fuel type methane, propane, natural gas of low pressure

Working life 30 years.

Models of thermoelectric generators GTG TELGEN and its specifications.


Parameters GTG-60 GTG-90 GTG-200 GTG-550 GTG-150
Nominal power, W 60 120 220 550 150
Maximal power, W 70 140 240 650 180
Voltage, V 6 or 12 12 or 24 12, 24 or 48 12, 24 or 48 27
Natural gas consumption,
m3 per day
4 8 16 32 12
Dimensions, mm 640x295x500 640x400x500 640x550x500 640x1500x500 600х770
Working life 30 30 30 30 20

Thermoelectric generator GTG—550.

Thermoelectric generator GTG-200.


Thermoelectric generator GTG-150


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