Peltier thermoelectric air conditioner

Peltier thermoelectric air conditioner

Thermoelectric air conditioner use for maintaining a predetermined temperature (and cooling modes of operation, and heating) in a closed volume. Air conditioning is made on the basis of thermoelectric cooling modules — peltier elements. Possible use of thermoelectric air conditioners:

  • • Air conditioning for the transport
    • Air conditioning for kiosk
    • Air conditioning for boats
    • Air conditioning for elevator

The operating principle of thermoelectric air conditioner based on the use of thermoelectric effects arising in semiconductors.

Thermoelectric air conditioners used in applications where high reliability is particularly important, freedom from maintenance, long service life, compactness and the absence of a part of the refrigerant for safety reasons.


The following table lists the technical data for the model thermoelectric air conditioner, which can be purchased on our website STELCO-A. This air conditioner is designed for use in electronics cabinets to maintain a given temperature range, and operates in the cooling mode and heating mode. At the heart of the air conditioner laid high thermoelectric cooling modules — Peltier elements

Model STELCO-A 360 STELCO-A 550 STELCO-A 1100
Voltage, V 12, 24, 48 48 48
Rating DIN 3168: L35 L35, W 240-260 400-450 800-900
Maximal cooling power, W 360 550-600 1100-1200
Dimensions, mm 430х280х225 450х280х225 860х280х225

We can manufacture of air conditioners with other indicators of power. For more information about this thermoelectric air conditioner, and buy it, you can on other pages of our site. For information about prices, terms of delivery, please refer to our e-mail inquiries.


Some examples of the application of thermoelectric cooling systems:

— Air conditioning for subway train drivers and electric cabs;

— Thermostat for the International Space Station;

— Air conditioners for tanks;

— Air conditioners for submarines;

— Seats for air conditioners class «luxury» cars;

— Mausoleums (Moscow, Pyongyang);

— Refrigerators CCD arrays of satellites;

— Air conditioning telecommunications cabinets;

— Thermal stabilization of lasers.

OPERATION of thermoelectric modules

In order to ensure a comfortable climate inside the Transport, thermoelectric modules can be used. Its principle of operation is based on the Peltier effect. By passing electric current through the serially connected semiconductor p- and n-type thermal flow is created.



This principle is the production of heat or cold has a number of advantages over traditional chillers (air conditioning):

— No refrigerant (refrigerant is any more or less suffocating or poisonous substance);

— There is no compressor, operating system kernel contains no moving parts, and thus increases the reliability of the device;

— Systems for «cooler-radiator» is not liquid, and therefore impossible to leak, leading to malfunction. This is particularly important for transport where mechanical stress and extremely high temperatures can incapacitate conventional chillers;

— Easier maintenance and higher maintainability;

— In heating efficiency of energy consumption is higher than that of resistive heaters (in addition to the heat resistive device takes heat for space heating and from the environment);

— System «radiator-cooler» retains its performance even under severe damage to the majority of its parts.



Thermoelectric air conditioning systems (air conditioners on thermoelectric modules) are block devices that make it easy to gain the necessary consumer cooling and heating capacity. You can buy thermoelectric air conditioning here, ordering the necessary settings for your task. The following table shows some general data.


Voltage 12, 24 V
Cooling rate 0,8-1,2
Cooling capacity for one block 300 W – 2 kW
The maximum temperature difference in cooling mode 40 K
Ambient temperature -50…+60 °C
Operation life 15-20 Years