Thermoelectric generator GTG-150

Thermoelectric generator GTG-150

Thermoelectric generator GTG-150 work for autonomous power of pipelines. It is designed to generate electricity by direct thermoelectric conversion of heat of combustion of gas fuel in the generator. Its model nstalled as a part of thermoelectric station. This medium temperature thermoelectric generator was developed in the 80’s of the last century XX All-Union Scientific Research Institute of the current source and introduced into serial production at the Pilot Plant of current sources. GTG-150 produced at the Pilot Plant of current sources until 2006. GTG-150 were delivered to the factory in Saratov where installed in block-boxes and sold as thermoelectric power generators station.

Power generators station (in block-box) on base GTG-150


Such thermoelectric power generator stations installed on Russian gas pipelines, providing electricity from gas. This model of thermoelectric generator has established itself as a reliable and unpretentious during the operation. Compared with the previous generation of thermoelectric generators UGM-80 thermoelectric generator TG-150 has a higher power density. Currently, however, the generator TG-150 model is already obsolete. Now the customer needs more power and needed more powerful thermoelectric generators to complete more power of thermoelectric power generator stations. New models of gas thermoelectric generators GTG-200 and GTG-550 with a capacity of 200 and 550 watts designed in TELGEN. The task of such GTG is for decades continuously provide the user with electricity from the heat of combustion gas. Moreover, such generators no need in services be installed at remote sites. However TELGEN periodically releases GTG-150 to replace old in the thermoelectric power generator stations .

Technical characteristics of the thermoelectric generator GTG-150


Nominal power, W 150
Maximal power, W 180
Voltage, V 27±0,5
Current, A 5,45±0,2
Габариты, mm 600×906
Autonomy, hours 8760
Fuel Natural gas
Operation life, years 20