Thermoelectric conditioner for elevator.

Thermoelectric conditioner for elevator.

Elevator is an object of increased danger closed volume. Therefore, the requirements for a special elevator air conditioner. Here it is the best solid-state thermoelectric air conditioner. This is solid-state air-conditioning on the Peltier effect. The actuator is a semiconductor Peltier elements. The thermoelectric conditioner for elevator collected the following advantages over the freon:

  • • no poisonous refrigerant
    • increased resistance to mechanical stress
    • simplicity of the device and Easy service
    • no need to periodically refill the coolant

Company TELGEN can supply thermoelectric air conditioners for your elevator. Model STELCO-A 550 of thermoelectric air conditioners for air conditioning a small elevator. Model STELCO-A 1100 is able to cool the larger elevators.

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