TELGEN is an innovative scientific technological company. It specializes on elaboration and production of equipment in the area of thermoelectric energy converters. One of this is the gas thermoelectric generator. Our technology of gas thermoelectric generators have a history of over 50 years. More than 10,000 gas generators of this type have been installed on pipelines USSR and Russia. We work at fundamental research, design and experimental elaboration and serial production. It permits our industry to be at high level. TELGEN creates and actualizes new technical and technological decisions in the area of thermoelectricity.

Our specialty is reliable thermoelectric generators for the gas industry. Proven resource of such generators is more four decades. There are no moving parts in thermoelectric generator!

Thermoelectric generators are significantly more reliable, durable and cost-effective of all alternative energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, turbine. Their great advantage is the positive half-century of experience in the operation of pipelines.

You can find detailed information about our thermoelectric generators on this website.

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Applications of our thermoelectric generator and generators stations: 

— power supply of cathodic protection for pipelines;

— power supply of radio relay stations;

— heat and electricity for the points of gas reduction;

 power supply for video control;

— power supply of gas leak detection system;

— power supply of communication and data collection;

— power supply of fire alarm systems;

— the electricity supply of telemetry checkpoints and intermediate communication points;

— heating of gas at reducing parallel power generation;

— power supply for security alarm, etc.

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